Poetic Justice #2

so this girl approached me

and went on and on and on about the size of her figure

and how her assets aren’t doing what they should

and how she wants to and tries to correct it

but it seems like shes always rejected

i told her baby your emotions and inhibitions is what power you down

your beautiful inside and out

be you no matter your size

the ones that put you down just aspire to be like you

in some cases size is every thing in yours its nothing

be comfortable with who you are

go out and be a star

why sit around hoping it would happen

just go out and do it theres nothing to it

fat, big, enormous, huge, obesity

there just words

most peoples egos are more enormous then their actual size

so baby dont fret stopping being your biggest critic

when you can be your biggest fan…..

this male approached me with thoughts of suicide

saying they will never understand him

saying god hates gays

steady pushing and pushing him to the edge

his feet at the tip of the ledge

well the only advice i had for him was to keep his head up

and mind his business

why are the people who have nothing to do with you worried for

its not them or their life

its yours

so do what you do and let them waste their life trying to put you down

because you will live happy while they worry about you

keep faith ,hug hope and share love

life is precious so live it……


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